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originally posted by gorillaonabike: I talk a load of horsesh!t sometimes. Someone just offered me 400 ($500 USD) for a day's writing /shoot / edit and I took it.

Admittedly, we shot my screenplay to my parameters. Does that make me a hooker?
In my book, that makes you a pragmatist with a good sense of where/when you're willing to compromise and when you're not.
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I agree. Getting hired to write and direct YOUR creative vision
maintaining YOUR creative standards does not make you a
hooker nor is it talking a lot of horseshite.

I seem to be the only writer and director here who will write
what I'm asked to write even if it doesn't meet MY creative
standards and direct a script I'm hired to direct even if it
doesn't meet MY personal vision.

In a way I envy those of you can turn down paying work.
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Originally Posted by directorik View Post
In a way I envy those of you can turn down paying work.

I only turn down work when I don't trust a client (happened once: that guy turned out to be a fraud) or when it is political propaganda or pr0n.
However, since I'm doing mostly corporate work for a living I often have a lot of room to put my vision into it as long as it serves the clients' interests. And when the client wants something that I strongely think is a bad investment I don't take the job. I have turned clients down by telling them that at that moment they should invest in a proper website or corporate identity. Some come back 2 years later, since they were happy about the honest advice.

As a pro you don't always have the luxery of 'my way or the highway': there are bills to be paid.
Besides that a working pro gets opportunities. Constant naysayers lose opportunities.
So it is about balanced pragmatism towards your goals and needs.
Just make sure you walk away before you are in the middle of a project and everything is fine. When you walk away halfway shooting... well, it could be wise or it could be you'd be 'the guy who walked away'.

The discribed (old) situation is one that should have been clear before shooting. So there should be no fuzz about it.

@direktorik: to me you are just a pro no ho
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