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Question My Gear Currently + Audio Questions

Hello All,

I'm a Noob to the forum (and filmmaking in general) whose looking for a bit of guidance. A friend of mine and I are setting out to make some short films for YouTube as a hobby. I've made some investment in this, but obviously am hesitant to spend serious cash, so what I have gotten is very conservative so far.

Currently I have...

Camera: Canon t6i
Lenses: Stock Canon Lens, Canon 50MM 1.8, and the Helios 44-2
Mic: Rode VIDEOMICR CPK Videomic with Rycote Lyre Mount, 6.25 Boompole, 25FT cable
Tripod: Ravelli AVTP Professional 75mm Video Camera Tripod with Fluid Drag Head

Right now I feel comfortable with the visual end. They're other lenses I want to get in the near future, but want to get some more work under our belts before making that investment.

The projects we currently have planned will for the majority be filmed in indoor settings with relatively low environment noise. However, when it comes to the audio portion of all this I find myself a little out of my element.

Does anyone have any suggestions for audio gear I should be looking at currently, or is this a good start?
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Originally Posted by Sam_Bell View Post
Mic: Rode VIDEOMICR CPK Videomic with Rycote Lyre Mount, 6.25 Boompole, 25FT cable
Passable for a hobbyist. You could use a longer boom-pole; you'll find six feet to be quite inhibiting. The T6i will have poor sound quality, and be extremely difficult to adjust and monitor; I would recommend a digital recorder like the Tascam DR-60mkII, DR-70D or something similar. An additional 25' mic cable will give you a bit more freedom. DON'T FORGET A GOOD PAIR OF HEADPHONES!!!!!!

The biggest influence on your sound, however, will be the boom-op him/herself. The quality of the gear means little if your mic is not properly aimed.

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