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Now that SSD prices are very reasonable and affordable, just by installing at least three different SSDs in your existing workstation will boost the video editing performance tremendously.

1) First SSD is for the OS. Install your OS and video editing software on this one
2) Allocate the Second SSD for your video editor cache. If you use Premiere, configure it so that all the Premiere cache gets created in that second SSD
3) Copy all the editing raw footage in the third SSD and also create your video project file in it.

After editing, render the final footage into any fast 7200 rpm HDD.

Once the project is finished, archive all the source material and the video project from the third SSD to an external HDD or a network drive. After archive, delete all the files from the third SSD to make space for your next project.
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Why is this post so dismissive of the idea of a hackintosh?
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