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I knew I wanted magic lantern, but after focus problems on my last shoot finally was motivated to install it.

painless process and now I have focus peaking.
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Originally Posted by Guanto View Post
Ah OK, pardon my confusion. You yourself said "Canon RAW is also a videocodec produced by their C500 cameras"... This implies you knew it is also the codec produced by Magic Lantern RAW.
I meant that Canon RAW is also the .cr2 format for stills.
The way you said it, it seemed you thought that it either supports the .cr2 format (which could be true) or the RAW files from ML (which can be true as well). I just pointed out that it also something coming out of a not-hacked camera (C500). So it could possibly just refer to that.

The whole terminology is confusiong at best
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I used ML for sometime on my 5D3. Results were wonderful however since moving to my GH4 and 4k I've not looked back. The camera has been much better to use for video smaller lighter and i find footage from gh4 is just as good as the ML raw without all the slow drawbacks of ML raw dng blah blah

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