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Pleasure to make your acquaintance

Hi Everyone,

Obvious questions to begin with, what are some of your favourite films? Why? What is your goal with this forum? Is it purely a talking point? Are you looking to build crew? Get feedback on films/scripts that you are/have developed?

Am quite new to the concept of forums but am looking at discussing ideas, exploring what works and what needs work, and troubleshooting ideas to get the most out of projects in development.

A little about me - I am a film maker from Sydney, Australia. I have a background in Casting, Directing, Production Management and Camera Assisting. I also act and edit and have my own youtube channel (which I am aiming to utilise much much more now to develop and release original short form content, animations, web series. I will also be discussing my writing process as I come to completion of my first finished feature film screenplay, and will discuss the process of funding once I enter into that stage of production).

Peace and love to all. Looking forward to hearing your own ideas and seeing your own creative expression come to life.
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Welcome Tim.

I procrastinate a lot on here but it's good to get feedback or come across cool information.
I have met someone from this website that i've worked with and it's been very helpful

some of my favorite films
Schindler's List
The Matrix
Shawshank Redemption
LOTR The Two Towers
Full Metal Jacket
The Lion King
Batman Begins
Lawrence of Arabia
North by Northwest
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Hola amigos!

New guy here, too and much like the op from down-under I have many questions. I look forward and value feedback y'all have to offer. If my post is in an inappropriate (stealing thunder, not) place by all means redirect me and I'll take it from there. Glad to be here and I look forward to your guidance.


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Hey Tim! Greetings from Down-Over! (NJ)

My main objective here, is to learn. Being primarily a writer, I have little hands-on experience in making a film, which I am now hoping to do with some of my own material. So, hopefully some knowledgable filmmakers here can help.

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favourite, film, film analysis, greetings hi, introduction

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