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Caution Need some serious Audio help.

I'm so damn confused and don't know what to do at this stage.

I'm editing a trailer and once i export it, i review the file. Looks and sounds great. When i upload to youtube or vimeo tho it all goes to hell. The dialogue is missing or extremely chopping (ONLY ON MOBILE DEVICES) and static like sounding. I've tried 20 different times now and don't have a clue where to go!

I've had two different friends watch on their computers (mac and PC) and phones (Android and iPhones) and same results. Plays perfectly fine on a computer but not on any mobile device.

We recorded the audio on set in 48kHz and I'm editing and rendering the project out in 48kHz as well. Nothing is changing.

I'm editing in FCPX. I almost want to delete it and re download but i don't know if it'll help. 4 days ago i rendered another video to youtube and it pokes fine across all platforms. Someone please help!
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