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Thumbs Up New Director / NEED HELP New Starwars Fanfilm

A little about me

Hello, im Connor, Im 16 and am from the UK. My main ambition in life is to make anything audio visual, wheather this be short films, movies or even fan films. I take a lot of inspiration from the star wars franchise in general and like the fact how George Lucas has been able to make something phenomenal from a great idea and a very small budget.

My Problem!

As you can tell from the title of my campaign i currently do not own a camera that records, only a iPhone that can take pictures. As a result of this ive tried to keep my self occupied by doing a lot of animation and CGI (computer generated imagery).

Here is a little motion capture i did in a school 10 minute animation challenge.

What are my intentions

Over the past couple of weeks ive been putting all my attention into finding and making 3D models for a fan film me and a big cast are going to be doing over the summer. (without giving to much its about a young talented Jedi who looses his master early on in the film).

Any donations will be much appreciated and will hopefully get my courier going in the right direction due to the fact i am doing Media, and ICT for my A levels.

It has always been a great dream of mine to become a producer and or director of any franchise but think the best way to start of is by making my own with a little help from you guys, and a spark of imagination (yes i did just quote figment).

Please please help to my cause and will let you guys know all details of what camera i get depending on how much donations i can raise.

Thank you for taking the time to rad my campaign. P.S my production company is called WickstedStudios

Some More Images of the the Star wars Fan film (Echoes Of The Republic) These pictures where taken when we where out scouting for a good location to film!

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If you leave all the http://youtu.be/ away in the YT tags, the embed works.

How come nobody looks whether their embed is working?
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Welcome to IT!

One post with the same content is more than enough.
Double posting is considered spamming and annoying, let alone 5 or 6 posts that are the same.
It makes it impossible to have a conversation if you spread the replies across 6 threads.

Having said that: it is cool to have dreams.

If you only have a 3 second video of some X-wings flying and a picture album of a hike in the forest and meadows, how can anyone see that you can do this?
Maybe it is a good idea to test and show your skills with some short videos (that are longer than 3 seconds ). Shooting an interesting conversation is a good exercise.
For a Star Wars fanfilm a lightsaber fight is also something you can make to learn and to show you can do it.
Just make sure it is safe for the cast and crew.
If you can do that, you can consider creating a concept trailer for your fanfilm and if it is really good, you might get the funding you are looking for

Luckily, on May the 4th Videocopilot released a pack of 3D Star Wars models that is free to download:
And earlier they released a free plugin that makes it a lot easier to create lightsabers:

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star wars suck ass

But if your gonna do it , try and do something really original. We've all seen everything we need about jedi's, skywalkers, x-wings and lightsaber battles...

Try and mix some blade runner unto the thing and just make a short about some guy looking for something or someone, maybe a thing that's even related to a film like a piece of armor or a weapon that got lost after a battle.

Hell, grab a very minor character from one of the films and make the story revolve around him as an old man telling tales of his youth to his grandson.

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