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Short Film/Training Series Idea

Hi everyone,

I will start by saying that I have always had a passion about Filmmaking. I have always wanted to go to Film-school but due to lack of funds that dream may never become a reality. On the other hand I believe that anyone can learn Filmmaking but practicing, researching and trial and error. Nowadays anyone can pick up a camera and start shooting. The problem is that it is really hard to find people willing to sit down and teach (mentor) you on some aspects of Filmmaking that are hard to grasp on your own and will make the learning curve and time longer and harder. That's why I had an idea about a Kickstarter campaign that will help me and others learn from people that work in the industry and see the whole process from start to finish, on how a Short Film is constructed.

The idea:

A kickstarter campaign to raise funds for a Short Film that will also teach and document the steps involved in creating a Short Film:


Part of the funds will be used to pay a Cinematographer who would be willing to sit down and teach his art to a team of 15-20 people in creating a short film (they will also be the crew for the Short Film). This will be done through short workshops and through the actual shooting of the short film.

This process will be documented (DVD & Digital Downloads, PDFs or On-Set Pass) and given to potential kickstarter backers as a training series so that they can also learn the process of Filmmaking. Recordings will include: Short Workshops, Discussions on set about Lighting decisions, camera movement, behind the scenes footage, etc).
Potential Perks for Backers can also include being part of the crew.

I am trying to sort out the cost of the whole process and I would love to hear from potential Cinematographers from here that would be interested in undertaking the teaching of this project. He/She would have to relocate to Cyprus for the duration of the Project.
The Cinematographer/Instructor will of course be paid and all Living Costs, Plane Tickets and Accommodation will be included.

If I receive msg`s from interested people I will have further discussions with them on how this Project will be constructed, figure out his/her pay, and also figure out a rough budget for the whole Process.
That is also how the Kickstarter campaign comes into play, how much to ask for the campaign. I will also use personal funds from my own pocket that I have saved.

I would like your thoughts on this, any input is helpful, even if it is to say that this is a crappy idea

Thanks for reading,

Alex B.
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What's going to make your material better/different than what is already available. Either free or paid material. As far as I'm concerned, this topic has been done to death. Even Lynda.com is currently rehashing the subject.

pay a Cinematographer who would be willing to sit down and teach his art to a team of 15-20 people in creating a short film
I get why you have a cinematographer to teach cinematography, but why would I be interested in listening to them also teach directing or producing or for that matter, any other element of the film making process.
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I actually have a similar idea that I'm not going to detail here cuz I don't want you to copy me, hehe. I will, however wish you the best of luck.

Should you follow through on this, I'd advise trying to get a teacher to teach the classes. Just cuz someone is good at lighting, that don't mean they're good at teaching how to do it.
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cinematography, kickstarter, short film, training series

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