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My issue is that i needed help choosing a good video camera with amazing quality.
Blunt instrument time: In your current state, the camera isn't as important as you think.

You only have $2k. You're not going to get a great camera within that budget, let alone passable equipment in other areas included in that amount. Even if you did, the end result would turn out like mud.

Think of it like a car. The camera is your front left wheel, the audio is your front right, grip and lighting is your back left and post prod equipment is your right back wheel. The rest of the cast is the interior of the car and crew is the engine. What are you going to do with that amazing front left wheel?

You're better taking that $2k and looking at a complete kit. It'll be cheap and shitty, but it'll get you a better result than one good item. What will happen if you blow all your money on the camera, it'll be out of date before you get to save up for the rest of the kit you need. So, knowing how you're thinking, you'd be $2k down, back at square one looking for another great camera.
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Originally Posted by Renegade96 View Post
Yes, im not talking 1000 dollars worth of sound but an external boom mic with a wind shield will suffice. We are also debating filming audio separate from video so as to have easier workflow. aside from that what do you think about the camera choices
Audio separate from video, like ADR after filming has finished?
Or do you mean an audio recorder on set taking in live sounds as you act.

the NTG-3 is a great outdoor microphone. I use that sometimes and have a sound dvices mm-1 premap going into dr-70d recorder.

my camera is a lowly t2i
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Originally Posted by Renegade96 View Post
see here is the thing. I never said all I wanted was too shoot just video.
Yes, that is exactly "the thing". We realise you never said that all you wanted to shoot was just video but the point you seem to be missing is that you have effectively stated that you want to shoot amazing video with crappy sound! You are talking about 4k cameras, a format/resolution which is effectively double what most commercial cinemas are capable of projecting but at the same time you are talking of audio which is only one step up from completely amateur home videos, which wouldn't even be acceptable for SD TV, let alone anything higher than SD TV. ... What you have stated raises 2 points:

1. Amazing video is defined by the production design, costume design, make-up, lighting, various other factors and most importantly, the personnel. The camera is just a small part of the equation which = amazing video.

2. Even if you were to achieve "amazing video", where would that get you as far as filmmaking is concerned? Amazing video + crappy sound still equals a crappy film!

You have said that you're interested in filmmaking but then completely contradicted that statement by indicating interest only in cameras/photography. If you were really interested in filmmaking itself, rather than just in filmmaking as an excuse to buy and use a shiny new camera, you would be approaching the whole thing completely differently. If you were serious about filmmaking itself, then a more logical way to spend your money would be to spend ALL OF IT on decent production sound equipment (!) because there's bound to be someone who joins your filmmaking club who already has a decent enough camera but there's unlikely to be anyone with even half-decent sound equipment. Better still, wait until you form the film club, take an inventory of what equipment/resources are collectively available and then decide where spending your money will be most advantageous. I can't see this happening though, because you appear fixated on owning a better camera rather than on making better films!


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