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Thumbs Up Props!

I've been in the business for decades now and I think it's high time for us to start an ongoing thread in which we share the names of people we've encountered over the years that have stood out above all the rest, for one reason or another. Whether your films are well-funded, under-funded, independent or commercial they all have a few things in common. All films are works of passion and all films have unique needs and unexpected turns. I normally sit on the sidelines in forums, but I've worked with a few people lately that have made me realize that so many of us settle for what we are familiar with, or what's convenient, rather than seeking out those creative ninjas that we all know exist. They can be elusive and even downright invisible in this industry. Specifically, I'd like to give props to people that never seek any kind of credit or have an agenda other than delivering exactly what you need, and usually go way above and beyond because they take pride in their work and enjoy bringing ideas to life.

So here we go. These rockstars are all incredibly talented and passionate, willing and able to make magic happen in pretty quick fashion.

Audrey Landreth: (Los Angeles, CA) An eye for 'the' shot, every time. Adventurous enough to go get it for you.

Garth Coker: (Los Angeles, CA) Brilliant composer, thoughtful creative mind and very business savvy. Great with big scoring projects.

Ashley Burke: (Portland, OR) The queen of freelance motion graphic artistry. Never met anyone else in this discipline that was so consistent in delivering the exact specs of the original concept AND several USEABLE options well before deadlines.

Chris Gear: (Portland, OR) The genius behind OhmLab, SoundFreqs, ADSR and countless uncredited songs and sounds produced for independent film makers all over the world. He is responsible for so much of the huge boon we've seen in the royalty-free audio world in the last decade. He has trained many of the best young sound designers on the scene right now and continues to find new and innovative ways to make any sound imaginable. He'd never claim any credit for himself. Greatest guy you'll ever work with! If you can find him.

Erik Albidress: (Seattle, WA) Driven and full of endless creative ideas. His special effect makeup skills somehow come naturally, unbelievable talent and wisdom flows through this young man.

There are many others, of course, and I will share their names as well. I hope many of you take a moment to join me in giving props to at least one of those unsung heroes that have helped you along the way. To keep it from getting spammy, let's avoid links. I think people can run a Google search to find whatever they're interested in.
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Thanks, this sounds like a great idea, certainly particularly useful to people like me who are putting their first movie together.

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Jamar Jones- Good News Baltimore Creative mind and leader in media production. Jamar has done work throughout the DMV, however his focus is our hometown, Baltimore, MD. His mission is to educate and to provide positive images of Baltimore within a documentary/news style format. Although he is a great producer and director, his biggest strength is cinematography. Check out some of his work in the link above.
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motion graphics, music, photography, sound design, special effects

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