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Tripod Warfare - Short Action Film

Hey guys! When I was growing up, I used to pretend my dad's tripod was a gun and have shootouts with imaginary bad guys. A few weeks ago, while looking through my equipment, I realized I had a bunch of tripods in various sizes. So a few days later I decided to make a short action film in which all the characters used tripods as guns. This short took 2 half days to film and about a week and a half of post production. Hope you guys enjoy! And as always, feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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Light on plot but I did enjoy it. Well executed. Pardon the pun. Well done on the quick turn around as well.

I was walking through the park one day with a tripod and a kid looked at me, then to his mum and said 'Mum, is that a gun?'. Mum turns round quite panicked, but then laughed.

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Tripod warfare

This is awesome! Loved the idea.
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Me and my friends are making gunjokes with tripods ever since we were students 15 years ago.
Especially the heavier Manfrotto and Sachtler tripods look very Terminatorish
Cool to see someone taking it to the screen
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action, action movie, action scene, short film, tripod

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