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My Latest Short Film - Left In Ruins

Hey everyone,

I wanted to share my latest short film / music video with you. It is a mix of both but because it has a very present motive I post it here.
Originally it was just planned to be a small project for fun that I wanted to do with a friend who came to visit me, but in the end it became so time-consuming that I just wanted to throw my computer against the wall. There were a ton of problems. For example, my friend had to go back to his country while there were still some small scenes missing. We managed to get around this problem by him making the scene at home by himself but as you can imagine, directing over Skype can be very exhausting...

Anyway, here is the short film and I hope you like it and if not you can give me some advice and productive criticism. (To take it away: yes the music is omnipresent because I actually planned it as a small video to accompany the music that I made some time ago so it was planned vice versa)

here is also a small break down of the effects (you can see that it was far away from studio standards):

Thanks a lot!
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