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Looking for a beginners camera to film my travels. What should I buy?

Hello guys I'm going to travel to Europe next month and I'm wondering what DSLR camera should I buy. Any suggestions like brand or model and pricing as well?

Thanks a lot.
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nightfalcon - if budget permits, I recommend a mirrorless still/video camera instead of a DSLR - the 799.99 factory refurbished Panasonic GH4 with a 12 month manufacturers' warranty.

It will give you better video results than any similarly priced DSLR.

It records at up to 96fps for smooth slow motion, has a headphone jack so you can monitor your audio - and it has a splash resistant, all-metal body so you don't have to worry as much about rain.

Here are a couple of examples of the travel video quality this camera can produce:

- Union Glacier

- Postcard from Phang Na

You'll also need at least one lens - I recommend the 284.99 Olympus 25mm f1.8 for good performance in all lighting conditions.

Hope this is helpful and best of luck on your trip!
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I love the Blackmagic Pocket camera. You can shoot raw, you can shoot to reasonably cheap media, active MFT mount so autofocus can be really useful on the run. It does not offer anything in the way of high frame rate, but shooting prores is a worthy trade off for me.
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I'd go full frame. An A7S or 5D Mk III if it was my choice, particularly the a7s for the low light. Never know if you're going to be shooting something at night.
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These are some expensive suggestions and as a traveler, I'd rather have $ to use to enhance my experiences during the trip. For years, I used and still use Nikon cameras - I've used the D5200/5300 for trips and they were fine. This is if you're starting out and looking for a camera. I'm selling one as soon as its back from Nikon. PM if interested, D5200.
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