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Caution Retribution (SHORT FILM) TEASER TRAILER!

Hello IndieTalk! I'm Gage Welch and I'm a young filmmaker (18) I am currently working on my second short film. I've done small films like 5-10 minutes long, but this one actually has a run time of about 30 minutes! I'd like to get some feedback from the IndieTalk community on what you think of the first teaser trailer for the film:

The film follows Nate a drugged out psycho who gets in trouble with some of the wrong people. He's been in trouble more than once of course, but this time it's BIG. So big that it causes the kidnapping of his girlfriend who's held hostage by a large gang,while he is forced to come up with half a million dollars to pay back what he owes. Nate doesn't want to pay them back in money though, he wants to pay them what he owes with punishment.

Check out the trailer:

Thank you!
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It felt a little cheesey, but you caught my eye when I was you in the back of a truck with your hands tied with what looks like barbed wire.
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As PhilingFilms said barbed wire tied hands - painful so I wanna see why
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Hey sorry on the late reply! I haven't had time to get back on, but thank you! We are still finishing up the film as we have decided to go back and change somethings last minute! Thanks for the feedback!
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action, comedy, retribution, short film, teaser trailer

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