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Post Looking for Guest Bloggers Who want to get some free advertizing.

Hey Guys, my name is Aaron Keba. I run an independent film website that focuses on film making news, techniques, and tips. We get about 36,000-40,000 unique hits a month on our site. I started as a way to help give filmmakers a place to come for any questions or resources they might need. That's why I've come to the indietalk forum. I know there are a lot of talented people that spend time in this forum that might be very experienced in something worth sharing with others.

If you think you fit that description I'd love to talk to do about doing a guest article or two in exchange for some great publicity and to get your name out to the thousands that check out our site.

You don't have to be an amazing word smith or a hero of grammar either. we'll work together to polish your articles up before we release them with the world.

I think this could be a cool way we can help each other, and create a bit of a closely knit filmmaking community through the internet

Check out the site at Watchindie.net and if you're interested in talking more about this shoot me an email at ackeba@gmail.con
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