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Originally Posted by writersandfilmmakers View Post
The percentage numbers are already very clear in the faq examples. So 50% to Filmmaker, 20% to Writer. %30 to W&F.com.
True. But I was talking about the percentage of what.

If you only get, say, 500 paid entries of $100 that's $50,000 so the
winning filmmaker gets $25,000, the winning writer gets $10,000.

If you only get 200 paid entries the winning filmmaker gets $10,000.

That wasn't clear in the FAQ.

That, to me, changes the contest. As I said, I might be willing to risk
$100 to get $50,000 (a great deal!) but not so enthusiastic about
spending $100 to get $10,000. I didn't get find this information in
you FAQ. Perhaps it should be included.

I still think this is a great concept and if you all the needed paid entries
it will be a fine deal for the winner.
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