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Surrealist Pictures
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The Journal - Indiegogo Campaign

Hello, fellow indie filmmakers!

This is our first time posting, so we'll introduce ourselves. We're Surrealist Pictures, LLC, a new film production company based in New Jersey.


Our first official film project is called The Journal and we're looking for generous backers to help fund production!

You can read more about the film at our site's The Journal home page:


If you like what you see there, we would very much appreciate a donation (with great perks for each!) towards funding the full production...and even just some good word-of-mouth would be very much appreciated!


You can also follow us on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter!


We thank you in advance for anything you can do to help make this project a reality!
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film guy
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"If we do not reach our entire goal, we can't complete this project, and all funds will instead go into Surrealist Pictures, LLC and go toward making independent film production in our region of NJ a reality."

Whatever. Are you serious??
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Welcome to indietalk.

We get a lot of people posting here for the first time asking for
money. Most never return. A few say they will, post two or three
more times and then never return.
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Doghouse Reilly
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Hi, welcome to the site.

If we do not reach our entire goal, we can't complete this project, and all funds will instead go into Surrealist Pictures
Yeah I'm not a fan of this at all. If I see a film I like the sound of I want my donation to go to THAT film, not just to the company.

Just looking at your campaign, personally I think your rewards need looking at too. The cheapest reward to get access to the finished film online is $500? (most campaigns offer this or a DVD for $25-$50).

Also it doesn't seem like you're offering a hell of a lot for the $800 reward, and I'm a little unclear as to how it differs from the $500 one.

Maybe a little more in-depth info on the filmmakers and the project itself would help.

All the best with the campaign anyway, I hope you exceed your target.
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Surrealist Pictures
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Thank you for the responses so far! It's good to find such an active community.

@DeJager: Absolutely serious. We very much want to support the indie film scene here in NJ. You'll find that many campaigns use the flexible funding method. We wanted to be honest with potential backers should we not reach our goal as this is an expensive business, particularly with a new LLC. We're working on getting some forums of our own ready so people can keep in touch with employees of the company about any questions and concerns they may have (and give us a kick in the pants when we need it ).

We are doing our very best to make sure the movie happens and that any funds donated go directly towards the movie.

@directorik: Thank you for the welcome! We could see where that would be a regular occurrence, but we are here to stay to enjoy your wonderful community here. We do apologize that our first post was in finance about our Indiegogo campaign, but we only just found this great forum and our campaign was already in full swing. We hope to bring our own thoughts and advice to share with everyone here who asks for it (and get great advice from them as well!).

@Doghouse Reilly: We appreciate your input about the rewards. This is our first time doing this, and we based it on rewards from other campaigns. We will discuss and see about modifying them very soon. Perhaps a DVD for the lower donations and a Blu-Ray for the higher? In any case, it's certainly a good point. We'll keep everyone posted.

Thank you all again for the responses so far!

EDIT: After discussing it with the director, he agrees about these points. Any money gathered, whether we reach the goal or not, will be saved and banked solely for The Journal while we consider other options. This means your money will go directly to the film no matter what.

He also agrees about the perks. Donors paying for this movie should at least get their own copy. Any donation made that's $25 or above will automatically get a digital copy for download AS WELL AS an option for a DVD if they so choose. The campaign's details have been modified to reflect this.

If there's any questions, please feel free to post them here.

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