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Audio Trouble - newbie

Hi Guys,
I hope everyone is doing well. I wanted to know if anyone could shed some light on getting great dialog audio in post. I'm currently using Adobe Audition for my film but I can't get the dialog to sit well in the overall mix... Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
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That's a pretty broad, non-specific question. First, it really depends on having good production dialog. If the recording was shoddy, there's not much of anything you can do in post to make it right.

Second, assuming that's not the issue, it's hard to know where the problems are without hearing what you're hearing. A posted sample would be helpful. I could give you a rundown of things to do, but there's no magic number for any one setting on any one plug-in as it all has to be set depending on the source of each clip.

Last, the mixing environment is very important. Is your room treated at all? I mean, even a cursory application of acoustic foam can be helpful in knocking down reflections. Plus, a decent set of monitor speakers, properly calibrated to mix level, is a must. Cheap speakers, and monitors that are too quiet, are misleading. And if you're mixing on headphones, don't expect any acceptable results.
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+1 on what AcousticAl said

Come on OP. Some more detail please on what your issue is: "can't get the dialog to sit well in the overall mix" tells us very very little...

And a sample would be great.

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I know a filmmaker or two from that part of the globe. Money and equipment is a very big part of the problem.

Odds on it'll be the quality of the recording that is the issue coupled with creative issues that experience will fix over time.
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GIGO - Garbage In, Garbage Out.

If the production sound is poor you are going to have all kinds of troubles - noise, intelligibility... and getting the dialog to sit in the mix.

As AcousticAl said, we cannot advise you without hearing the problem.

Try some noise reduction. Then pull down the volume between lines of dialog. Now try some EQ on the dialog and the music. You may want to use the EQ on the music track and pull out a little in the 4kHz range; this may help the DX settle a little bit better.

Mixing is an art form that takes many thousands of hours to learn - and you can quintuple that if you don't have a mentor, then ten times more if you are not working in a properly treated room with quality speakers.
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