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Idea "Iscariot" Sci-fi short Crowdfunding campaign

Sup folks,please check out this sci-fi short campaign and if you like spread the word or generously donate!
Thanks a lot!

" Iscariot "

What is ‘Iscariot’

Iscariot is an original short sci-fi film with elements of drama and psychological thriller.

The Story

James Bennett, a captain in the Allied Earth Second Fleet, is tasked with protecting a secret project code-named 'Daedalus'. He finds himself in an interrogation room accused of high treason. The agents questioning him claim to be from Earth's military prosecution but appear to have sinister motives. As they try to force James to reveal a code which will grant them access to Project Daedalus, the captain begins to suspect they may not be human at all. The truth, however, may be beyond the reach of honor and humanity.
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