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Benjamin Mayer
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Young composer looking to collaborate

Hi everyone,

I am an Austrian composer / producer currently in my final year doing a BA in Music Production at Leeds College of Music. Seeing as my second big passion besides music is film, it seemed only natural to me to combine the two get into film scoring. I have a special interest in art-house / independent films, some of my favourite directors including Werner Herzog, Francois Truffaut, Lars von Trier & the entire Dogme95 movement, Michael Haneke and Darren Aronofsky, to only name a few.

Since I am only getting started I would be happy to collaborate on as many projects as possible, be they short films, documentaries, animations or anything related. I have a vast array of sound libraries and musical equipment at my disposal as well as relationships with musicians from across a variety of genres, enabling me to provide suitable soundtracks in almost any style required, be it traditional orchestral or electronic music or simply a pop/rock tune.

What I think sets me apart from other composers is that rather than just trying to compose a good sounding piece of orchestral music, I try to get into the mind of the director. I believe that more often than not it is not the purpose of film music to re-emphasise what’s already being shown on the screen, but rather to reveal subtle emotions and hidden meaning. This is where my cineaste side comes in handy.

Some examples of my previous work:

"The Ultimate Challenger" - Trailer

Music for E-Sports promotional video

Film score examples


Songwriting / Production examples


If you are interested in collaborating or just want to have a chat please do not hesitate to get in touch either on this forum or via e-mail: benmayer@gmx.at Looking forward to hearing from you!

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film guy
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Welcome to the forums

There are plenty of filmmakers here that need someone to score their project. I'd be glad to let you score one of my projects in the future.
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Hey man, we have pretty similar tastes, I'll keep you in mind for future stuff!
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Benjamin Mayer
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Hey guys, thanks for your replies! Looking forward to hearing from both of you in the future.
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