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If Only Alice Could - Magical Realism Short-Film

'If Only Alice Could' is a short film, which is due to be directed by Californian born, London based director Krysten Resnick. Here is a short outline of the film:

Sixteen-year old Alice lives in a very small town. All her life she has been ridiculed for having gigantic feet. That is not a metaphor, or a figure of speech. Her feet are huge. The whole town calls her ĎAlice 4-feetí.

Today, she is running away.

Arthur, the elderly station master, spends his days reading the discarded newspapers left behind by commuters. He is so fascinated by the lives of others, that heís forgotten to live his own.

However, when Alice gets gigantic cold feet, it is Arthur that helps her realise it is not her feet that are too big for the town, itís the town thatís too small for her feet.

Krysten Resnick has recently finished shooting her first feature film, 'All Good Things', and has also been busy putting her last short film 'Benny and Jack's Flying Machine' through the festival circuit, it has recently been in the Toronto International Film Festival, Odense Film Festival and has also been purchased by the Museum of Modern Art in New York. You can find a trailer for 'Benny and Jack's Flying Machine' here to see the standard of her work:

Also this year, Krysten has directed several music videos, including one for a girl band managed by 80's pop star and Simon Cowell's right hand woman Sintta, called Say No More, for their debut single 'Boyz'.

We are currently raising funds on Kickstarter in order to make the film, and could really use your support! We are off to a good start, but in order to get this project made me we need more help and support from the filmmaking community. I would be very grateful if you could take a look at the link to the Kickstarter page for the film, and if you can, donate anything from £1 up! If you can't donate, then I'd appreciate it if you could spread the word about 'If Only Alice Could'!

Here is the link to the Kickstarter page: http://kck.st/1bXpWBe

Thanks very much,

Ben Tabiner - Producer of 'If Only Alice Could'
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