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Unsure on a few things :S

Hey all
I just wanted some advice on what to do. I have recently been given a grant of 1000 pounds to spend on film making equipment (a camera in this case) (And being 15 years old its a great opportunity for me to start my hobby)
Recently I have been looking at the new Blackmagic Pocket camera, the RAW filming, MFT mount, 13 dynamic stops and iris control coupled with the price make the kit so appealing. But my question is.
Will the camera itself be compatible with Windows ( as it records in pro-res format ), what specific kit would i need if i where to get the camera and also what MFT lenses would you recommend (under 200 ).
Sorry for bombarding with a lot of stuff, i just want to make sure i make the right choice
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What filmmaking equipment do you already own?
What are your computer's specs, OS, RAM, memory, etc.
What NLE are you using?
Got sticks?
Where will you be showing your film products? Youtube? Film festivals?
Do you have examples of films or shorts you've already done?
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Hey Rayw, i realise now i was a bit vague, my apologies
My current kit consists of a sony a33 DLSR (for which i share with my dad), two tripods, a hotshoe mount LED light, a dual mount bar and a rode video mic.
I edit using adobe CS5 AE and Pr and currently have 8gb of RAM, which copes with the 1080p video from my DLSR
I set up my you tube account ages ago ( http://www.youtube.com/user/TerrorBiteFilms) and things have been really busy hence why i haven't got too much stuff on there at the moment.
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Before I give any kind of advice, my question to you would be:

What do you plan to do with your filmmaking career?

What do you want to be, and what do you want to do? Do you want to make corporate videos? Event videos? Do you want to Direct? Write? Be a Cinematographer? Make YouTube videos..?

Anyone can suggest some kit that will fit into your budget, but without knowing your plans, dreams, hopes etc. then there's the risk of it becoming irrelevant.
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