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Only Human seeks to bring on Producer early


So I've been sitting on this project for a while, it was going to be a short film but to be honest the subject can't fit in to a short.

Only Human follows Katy, a young sixth form student. She's the daughter of an important MP and as a result is kidnapped and used as the ultimate bargaining chip to have prisoners of war released. The problem is that the UK doesn't keep POW's (Not officially at least). So as the negotiations drag out Katy forms Stockholm Syndrome which causes her to become attached to her captors. This is especially bad news as the SAS, lead by Sergeant Henderson (Actor already attached for this part) are brought in to "defuse" the situation in the way they know best.

Will Katy be rescued? Does she even want to be rescued?

I reckon this can be shot for well under 500,000, maybe closer to 100,000 (We have one car that gets shot to pieces, and that's about the biggest stunt in the script). We already have access to an armoury for free and some very talented actors interested. The actor attached for the role of Henderson is Mel Mills, a very talented and well rounded actor.

I'm only a few pages in to the re-write of the film, so it's early days yet, but I would like to get someone onboard early. I have the first 10 pages ready for viewing, so if anyone is interested please email me to see them: s.barrett57@gmail.com

Ideally I am looking for someone with a few credits under their belt and that is confident they can secure funding, as well as run the operation. I can't pay upfront, but obviously once we secure fundings there will be good pay.

I look forward to talking with you all.
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