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DIY chain of title, secure, maintain, assign, protect copyrights

Hey Everyone,

I just joined indietalk and want to let you know I am available to answer any questions about chain of title for the DIY filmmaker as best I can. I can only answer from my experience, but I have successfully gone through the process from idea to delivery several times and did not retain the services of a lawyer until my films were acquired for broadcast. I have defended and protected my copyrights several times, once when a low budget cable TV show took an image, once when a participant in a film tried to revoke their appearance release and twice with third party content issues on YouTube. I was successful with all of them because I secured all likeness, music, film clip and image licenses properly. The best advice is that of a qualified lawyer, but that advice can often exceed the budget of a DIY filmmaker.

I am currently building CHAIN OF TITLE - which is a FREE resource that provides the information needed to secure, assign, maintain and protect the copyrights in an independent film. We plan on going through the chain of title and copyrights in a film point by point. Each one will have a video explanation, first by a an independent filmmaker on how that information translates to us in the low budget realm - whether you are the one securing the rights, or the one assigning them. Then by lawyers in the United States and Canada - to explain the legal definition and meaning.

Chain of title is a building block for the independent filmmaker, and often takes a back seat to creating the content. If done correctly, it adds great value and security to your work and enables you to assign the rights held by your company.

When you acquire Errors and Omissions Insurance (required for broadcast and distribution) you will require a lawyer to be involved, but CHAIN OF TITLE will save the DIY and independent thousands of dollars by doing it right - and it will be FREE. I know it isn't the sexiest part of filmmaking, but it is certainly one of the most important...and most ignored.

Thanks and I am here if you need me.

I've uploaded a visual of what CHAIN OF TITLE looks like for an independent film http://www.indietalk.com/album.php?albumid=31

HELP MAKE IT HAPPEN https://www.facebook.com/chainoftitle
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