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Lance Uppercut
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Question about Credits

How important is it to have credits on screen? As I only work with a few people I do a lot of the work but I don't want to do a Tommy Wiseau and put my name up a bunch of times.

For you tube videos do you think it even needs to be there? Maybe just a side note on the page itself and not the movie?

If prospective business people are to view it do they look for and through credits?

Well that is all
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Open with three second title card then cut to the action. Throw the rest of the crap on the back end with your website in big bold letters -- this way if somebody is interested in the film or you, they can find you.

Good luck.
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I agree with you Lance. I hate seeing the same few names
over and over - even for YouTube video. And on YouTube if
a prospective business person wants to contact you they will
send a message via the YouTube page - not by reading the
end credits.
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Lance Uppercut
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That was what I was thinking haha, thanks. Just didnt know if that sort of thing would not be seen as "professional" or what not.

Also when a YouTube video only goes for a couple of minutes it seems pointless to me to drag it out with credits.

Thanks for the feedback
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"Credits" are basically a payment to the crew. If they don't care, not much reason to put them there beyond, very high level Writer, director, etc....
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