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3 Minute Action Movie: The Package

3 Minute Action Movie: The Package


The Package is a short action movie, and was an experiment of sorts as for as action goes. This was the first solely action movie I've attempted, and there aren't a load of effects. I focused more on telling an action story visually. I think I might incorporate action into different genres of video.

Anyways, hope you enjoy this small work. Constructive criticism is welcomed.

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Don't do the cross fades that were in the front half or third of the short.
Just stick to plain cuts.

And you gotta watch out for your own shadow!

And your cohorts, as well.

Next, gotta pay attention to continuity.
- Subject in setting sunlight @ 1:55
- Shoots bad guy.
- Subject contemplates his navel @ 1:58, but at least he's still in the setting sunlight.
- Setting sunlight magically pops the fence shadow all the way across the forest and street in the next cut @ 2:00

Gotta watch these things.

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Thank you for your reply Having spent a lot of time with the footage, I have seen some of these mistakes. The problem was that I couldn't effectively change these mistakes in post unless I called a lot of actors back and waited for perfect conditions. That's the most frustrating part of editing! Kicking yourself because of your mistakes. As for the cross fades, I really didn't like to put them in because they slowed the action, but I tried several other cuts and transitions between shots and it turned out they were either very awkward or didn't make sense. Another lesson learned about shooting a sequence. And you can't forget my stupid shadow! My sworn enemy in filmmaking! We meet again here! yes, I saw this too. Just gotta be more aware next time. This shooting day was super fast and we were running from place to place and I ended up moving so fast I left my script behind so I'm happy I turned out with a coherent story! haha. In retrospect, instead of trying to hurry to beat the sun before it went down, I probably should have just let it go down and then started shooting. But thanks for what you said. Every new video is a learning experience, this one included.

Still, though, being on a deadline, I decided that most of these errors aren't too obvious to the untrained eye and don't completely lose coherency. I don't like doing this because I am a bit of a perfectionist, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Sticking to deadlines is important to me. But now I can take what I've learned in this video and apply it to other videos...action or not!

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