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Idea Stuffed [Canon T2i Short Film] [3min]

Hey there,

I've been interested in filmmaking for a couple of years now; only recently have I really devoted myself to learning the art, mostly through trial and error.

I just finished shooting a short film - I couldn't find any compliant actors, so I used stuffed animals instead. The lack of any type of motion forced me to concentrate on the dialogue and lighting to convey emotion.

I shot on a Canon T2i with kit lens, and recorded audio separately with some strange old microphone that was given to me by a family friend. It's an older Shure, if you're interested. I used $8 work lights from Home Depot to achieve a three-point lighting setup.

Essentially, I just want people to let me know what they think of it - the good, the bad, and the scathing. I know that it isn't much, and I'm not particularly proud of it, so any and all feedback would be helpful.

Thank you very much!

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