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Short Sci-Fi/Fantasy kinda Trailer :)

Hello everyone.
So , little introduction.Im 15 and Im working with after effects and maya for 5 -6 months and I do understand I'm not the best,but this became my life.Im absolutely passionate ( does this word even exist ? ) about making films,watching them ,edit them,everything.Its such a big passion for me and this is my first work.
Unfortunately I lost 80% of my footage ,but I decided to put up a little trailer for my new channel

Can you guys give me some opinion ?Doesn't matter good or not,I wanna know what you do and what you don't like.

P.S - I know cuts are too fast ,but i wanted to recreate a little bit of suspense,since the biggest part of the footage dissapeared .Sometimes my 'actors' laugh and stuff ,so I had to cut pretty fast.

I know Im not the best,but its my first atempt and Im still learning

Thank you guys..

By the way , I don't know how this forum work ,since I just watch what you guys write,but never wrote anything here(except for the intro) .Im using my friend acc , so please,post the comment and not PM if you are going to do it

Nevermind anyway

Thank you a lot of taking the time guys

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Is "nazist" a word? The text intro seems contrived and oddly worded to me.

The trailer seems a bit too vague on exactly what the story may be about.

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Cuts didn't seem to fast. Matched the music well, at least.

Looks like you've read up on a bunch of sfx & color grading. Those can be useful tools.

However, the trailer still doesn't make much sense. I know you said you lost a lot of footage somehow; you still need to be able to deliver a story, 'cos that's what matters in the end.

You going to reshoot the lost footage and complete your trailer?

Im using my friend acc
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ill make a new
its actually my brother acc so its like open on his computer and thats where im writing from .

the point is that I told my friends to come and shoot .I lost the footage,but they were still infront of the camera for like 6 hours and I didn't wanted to dissapoint them since they were pretty excited.So I grab the footage I was left with and come up with this.THey still like it , and I know it's not the best,it's pretty bad in my opinion,since I'm not telling an actual story.

I will not complete the trailer,because I got birthday tomorrow and I'll get the money to finish my action short film which is like the bigger project.

And about the color correction.Nope,I haven't read anything,As I said I starting the whole filmmaking thing about 6 months ago and I just love everything.I was experimentating with the colours and everything and came up with this.
I just love everything about it.Hopefuly the next thing is going to be complete and nice looking project
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