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Hit Man comedy series

I'd like to share with you guys my newest film, it's a web series about the escapades of two hit-men (Max & Bernie) who lets put it kindly are rubbish at their job, they often kill the wrong person, get beat up, but they always come out on top.

I'm a student film maker from liverpool and I would appreciate it a lot if you could check out my films and tell me what I need to do to improve them and tell me what you think of them in general. They are no budget and shot on DSLR's and using a zoom h1 for audio. People have seemed to like our films so far but I would like to get some professional opinions. Please take the time to watch them.

Please take a moment to watch them, they are funny and it would help me get some exposure for my work. Thanks.

If you do enjoy them, we have a facebook page you could check out with photo's and all kinds of funny stuff @ https://www.facebook.com/thecontractors

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Links are broken
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Fixed the link. Thanks please check em out
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You almost lost me in the first minute. The sound quality was really bad there in the room it seemed. It got much better in the outdoor scenes. I enjoyed the end very much..."Iiiiiiiisssssss". Stab.
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