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Song File Type for a Blu Ray Feature-Length?


I'm in the process of scoring an independent film.

We are in the stage of adding the score, and we're using Adobe Premiere CS Pro 5(.5? idk I'm the music guy) for editing the film.

Before we start dragging and dropping the soundtrack in place, does anyone know what type of files I should be using for the music? We've got a buddy who is going to help us put it on Blu Ray. Right now, I'm popping tracks out of Reason 6 at 182 Khz 24 bit depth as WAVE files. One of the tracks alone is like 85MB for just one minute. I've mixed the tracks in Reason 6, but I have no idea how to do Mastering. We probably won't be mastering unless the film is bought.

As far as the file-type goes, are these too big? Is WAVE ok? The other type of file that Reason can spit out is AIFF.

Thanks for any insight you might have.
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I personally use 24/48...keeps the file size down and the audio is good (do an A/B yourself and see if you can hear the difference between 48 and 192). Still gets pretty bulky, but I upload the final tracks to google docs so the director/editor can grab them as they need 'em.

As for .wav vs .aiff, ask the editor what they prefer. They both sound as good, and as you mentioned, it's easy enough to mixdown to either format. Mac guys tend to prefer .aiff and windows guys tend to prefer .wav, but that's just generalization. It's really all a matter of preference, and as the music guy, it's good to be able to deliver whatever they prefer. As long as you aren't using .mp3s, you'll be fine!
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^^^ What he said.

Adding: Don't worry about compression for BluRay. Whoever encodes the video for BluRay will also encode the audio. As long as it starts off high quality you're fine.

As an adobe user, I really prefer wav. I've had a few situations where long AIFF didn't handle well, but a reenconded wav file was brilliant. I'm on a Mac too, you'd think it be the other way around.
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Thank you both so much. I appreciate your time.
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