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So I bought the Samson USB diaphragm condenser and compared it to my NTG1 in the worst possible environment that I could think of for testing purposes: my garage.

Even without the vocal filter, the diaphragm mic picked up much less echo. With the filter, I only noticed echo if I really listened. In a normal room, even untreated, I think it will be ok. The USB mic had a terrible noise floor a higher gain, though. I'm ditching it and getting a similar XLR model with a couple BLUE XLR/USB preamps so I can get higher gain without the noise.

I've got a dual boom mic stand. I think I'm going to just use both mics for all ADR sessions. If I can set up a recording environment at the actress's home with passable acoustics, I'll have the NTG1. If not, I'll have a secondary setup that sounded OK even in the worst possible environment.

Thanks for the advice, all.
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Originally Posted by Alcove Audio View Post
I think I'm going to just use both mics for all ADR sessions.
Just make sure that you use the SAME MIC FOR ALL THE TALENT in any given scene or you will have one hell of a time getting the tones to match when you're mixing.
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I would skip the air mattress because they tend to create a strange reverb-flange when sound waves bounce around inside them.

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