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Which HD camera to get?

Hey Guys!
I don't normally post here, just read, but I'm going through a bunch of research trying to find the right camera for me. I'm looking to spend about $3000 to go HD for my short films. I don't really like DSLRs. They create beautiful quality if you really know what you're doing but I like video cameras. I want a camera that's made for video and handles like. I don't know, maybe I'm just weird like that. I'm going from a Canon Xl1. I love Canon's interface but they don't seem to have much in the HD video camera options. I've used a Panasonic HMC-150 some. Is that a good camera? Thanks for your help, I'm quite overwhelmed!
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Originally Posted by ZelloBros View Post
I've used a Panasonic HMC-150 some. Is that a good camera?
When you used it, what did you think? Did is seem like a good
camera to you?

No need to be overwhelmed. In your price range the four major
camera manufacturers make good cameras. Sony, Canon, Panasonic
and JVC all have good cameras in your range. Seriously, if you put
the cameras in a grab bag and picked one you would end up with
a good camera.

I know that almost makes it seem even more overwhelming so I'll
tell you the one you should get so you don't have to worry. I own
the JVC GY-HM150U - it's a great camera in your price range. Get
that one.
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So the HMC-150 seems to come in around $3k new. If that's your price point, I'd keep an eye out on eBay for a used or refurbed AF-100. There's a used one with a buy it now price of $3600 up there right now (even comes with a 30-day warranty). You can pick up vintage lenses and adapters for less than $100 that will work beautifully with that camera.
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AG-HMC-150 is a wonderful camera! I went to school on one of those when I left I bought an 80 which is a step down. The 150 handles motion amazingly and is compact and fairly light!
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I do like HMC150, and it's giving me great quality. I'll look into that JVC, I've heard good things about it! I'm looking too at the Canon XF100. I love the Canon interface, but will it really hurt not having 3CCD? Would it be better to just get the HMC150 and get the 3CCD or does that not really matter? Thanks for answering my questions, though they may seem obvious!
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I've used a lot of JVC cameras and own an HM-100 and for a traditional video camera at a great price point, JVC is the way to go.

They announced a 4K Camcorder for $5000 recently that records on SDHC cards, I think it releases at NAB in a week or two. With that said, and any other new releases, other models prices may drop a little if you can wait. Not for sure, but maybe.
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