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shotgun mics under $100

okay, it's looking like I need to stay under 100 dollars for a starter shotgun mic. I need something I can put on a boom and get at least passible audio with. I've found a few models in this range, and was just wondering if anyone had any experience with any of them. First, there are a couple azdens in this range: the ecz990 and the smx-10, and there's also the sgm-x that I could probably afford at $110 (but that's the absolute cutoff price). Then, there's the Audio Technica 6550 (they're actually selling a kit at the moment that includes the 6550, and 8' articulated boom pole, and 25' for 99.95). Anyone with information on any of these miss, or a similar priced one? I was hoping to go with a Rode Videomic, but there's just too much I have left to get.
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I'm not normally one to trash any manufacturer, but avoid low-end Azden products like syphilitic plague rats. They are very noisy and completely disposable. The AT6550 is okay for what it is.
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I've used the 6550. You're looking for "passible" - this is the mic
for that. It's isn't good but with some work and skill and a very
quiet shooting environment it is passable. Use it well and the
audio will be much better than using the on camera mic.
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