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Dolly Options

Northern Tool makes lots of good, strong dolly options: http://www.northerntool.com/webapp/w..._99+119+772693
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I was lucky my DP was friends with a pro grip who let us use a 6' slider and the cheeseboard with wheels attached for free.
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Anyone used a mobility scooter?
I tried a few and it works great without any extra hands to push it and control it.
The only mod needs to be made is how to control the direction with your feet and also the speed as well. Speed control can be on or near by the camere itself.

It's not difficult as it sounds and really a good platform to build on. Used a "SHOPRIDER" model with super slow speed and lot's of torque to carry up to 350Lb.
Currently taking the parts off a unit and building a slightly longer two-man version on aluminum frame that breaks down and could store it in a small place.
Also using larger and and softer tires.

It sure beats laying tracks and hauling a bunch of hardware
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