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Vitaly Verlov
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Forever After, a sci-fi short film produced in Russia


. A short film I've written, produced and directed. Actually, my first one.

Please get to http://www.facebook.com/foreverfilm for behind the scenes extras.

From Russia with sci-fi love.
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film guy
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Классная сьемка. Вот только история так себе .. Без концовки, и чуть медленная.
Ну а в общем не плохо!

Про енота мне понравился диалог, так как я в своем последнем малометражки слелал кино про енота с человеческий рост )

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Congratulations on a truly amazing Production!
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"Maybe its like Super 8." I laughed at that one! Very good film.
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Great job! Don't stop!
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I don't quite get it.

So they (maybe) have driven through to a parallel universe, and encountered the ufo-things that may (or may not) be a threat?

They profess their love for each other... ufo gets closer... the end.

I mean, the ufos are pretty cool, don't get me wrong. Just seems like a weird place to end the film, just as things are actually starting to happen.
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Great photography and VFx, and an extraordinary look lady, not a great script though.
my dos centavos.
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Same impression as ZenSteve here:
The composition shots are of course well done, and obviously a lot of work went into designing the "cube" and integrating it in the shots, but to be honest the story feels rather weak in comparison (e.g. If you plan for a "surprise" effect, by having a uneventful, rather low-key intro sequence (the first 2:30 seq. in the gas station and the next 1:30 in the car) the follow-up should be commensurate with the scale of the surprise. In this sense the reaction of the characters is way below the emotional level expected from the situation and the viewer is left there, with them, for the next 5 minutes).
Don't get me wrong, the composition is - again - very well crafted, the photography smooth, but I feel it's a pity since so much efforts were spent on the visuals that no real angle was found to develop the story or give it more originality. But that might not have been your intention anyway as the emphasis is clearly on the vfx.

Still, a good showreel for your CGI skills and a slick looking final image: Keep up the good work!
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It looked cool! But as someone already pointed out - the characters react like this happens every day. They don't look scared until the last seconds. But overall a good job! I want to see more.
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Although not-so-good as a meaningful short story, it was EXCELLENT! as a proof of concept for several things on a punch list before going full bore into a feature.

Of course the FX are great.
The camera work, shot compositions, and sequences are also great.
The audio is fine.
The actors are fine, the only complaint is the story makes very little sense. And it's likely a cultural difference that her "pissy-ness" and his need to tell her what to do while at the same time not being a very thoughtful adult didn't come across well for him.
"Thanks for asking if I wanted something to drink before going to the window, and YES! I'd love to read Popular Mechanics"!
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Cool short! Great visuals and effects and production value.

I liked how the narrative was built up with a mundane start and then gradually revealing the guy's co-passenger. And then the cube. I also liked the romantic conflict running throughout the film.
Only the ending was a bit disappointing. Although, I guess, you guys are suggesting that this is proof of concept for a bigger production.

Great job overall. Thanks for sharing!
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russia, sci-fi, short

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