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Originally Posted by chilipie View Post
I saw someone buying it on BluRay a while ago. Had to try very hard not to laugh at them.
You should have
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The future of SD

I own a DVX100B and when I bought it about 5 years ago, I felt the HD world was still ever-changing and wanted to wait to spend that extra thousand until things begin to settle. But, it seems the dust has settled and SD is getting left behind as HD becomes less expensive and the investment in an SD is just not a good investment.

Between all the HDSLR cameras and that new blackmagic camera, even entry-level filmmakers can shoot HD.

I will be selling my DVX100B if someone is still interested in an SD camera

I still love the look of my camera, but as a professional videographer, even clients who know nothing about cameras, they know and want HD.

On a side note: I am thinking of switching over to the Canon 5d mark II, just so tempting to get a nice still camera and HD camera in one.
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