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Making a fallout shelter - entrance.

Okay so for a future project i need to have the protagonist lead two other characters into a fallout shelter and lock the door behind them. The two extra characters are blindfolded, expecting a pleasant surprise from the protagonist.

My question is how i would go about filming this on a low budget? I have been trying to approach it from different angles, it would be easiest to make a 'lost' style floor hatch (washing machine door?) and lay it down in a nice remote location. Problem with this is that the protagonist would not realistically be able to lead two others characters through a hatch and down a ladder without them catching onto his intentions.

Other option is a large steel door, not a problem for the interior of the set and works well with the script but would be a pretty mighty task to get looking right from the outside. Fallout shelters are generally built underground so the door would need to lead into a mound, maybe a hill?

Ideal situation would be finding some steps that lead down into the ground that i could sit a door at the end of, don't think that's going to happen though!

Any ideas? Thanks in advance
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