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Jari Ylamaki
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Hi there,

try my site at:


There're lots of stuff and it's all free!!

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film guy
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Just thought I would chime in on this with some experience on the freebie scoring. Not meaning to rant 'n rave on Matte's thread.

I've done many short films for free to build relationships (which I continue now to get paid work from) but recently it seems nowadays that composers are taken for granted. Myself and others have still offered to work for free to build those relationships but it's a little disheartening to know that everyone else on board may be getting paid (DPs, actors, editors, etc.) on certain projects.

My latest experience ... I took a job on a short film (with a tight deadline) for free being told that everyone else was doing the same. I came across an ad posted by the same director & company in search of a sound designer but were willing to pay them for their services. I then contacted the director & said a few things and got off the project. Turns out I knew of the editor as well ... she was getting paid too!!! Good thing I didn't spend much time on the film. How unfortunate things like this must happen.
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It's always a difficult job, balancing getting the credits (and therefore no money) and actually getting paid. And, or course, some directors/producers see people making music for free, and wonder why they can't get the same from others who actually have the experience.

Personally, when I do a film for free, I tend to work out how much I would charge, and then apply a 100% discount. This way, the producers get to see how much the music is actually "worth", and realise that they are getting a boon of a 100% discount. It makes it easier to reduce the level of discount in the future (rather than the "but you did it for free for us last time" scenario)

Perhaps we should set up our own thread somewhere, just for composing banter? I personally would be very interested in continuing chatting with you guys more.

Take it easy,

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Stephen Kaminski
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Composer thread started

Good Idea! Check out INDIE TALK in the Forum: "Composer's Thread".

-Stephen Kaminski
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over a year ago i started a scoring band entitled it lives within..... it was started form passion (and if i make money then even better), but it's all about getting together with some friends and composing some truly gratifying music. i have been in bands for welll over 15 years and until recently, i hooked up with a producer and now we are a passionate band. we recently recruited a drummer, and we can range many different styles (prog, orchestral, old school drive in, 70's ambient, metal, punk, whatever. we are getting our name out as much as we can so free is still good for us (how else do you get recognized). we have a cd coming out on www.meridian-music.com entitled the terror begins. the more we jam, the more we progress. i'll do it for free if i have to, i love it way to much to tell people we wont do it unless we charge. music is my life and i'll do it whether i get paid or not.
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Hi, I am a composer with lots of tracks available royalty free from http://www.cameronmusic.co.uk but I would also be interested in working on any new projects. Alastair
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