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Originally Posted by Quality View Post
Newspaper articles and tabloids are very much alive.

They're dying. For a while, it was a seemingly-slow death. The pace is increasing, especially with newspapers. Hell... Gannett is eliminating most all local employees from the papers they own and consolidating to central/regional offices. This leaves almost nobody on the local beat, so it's all turnkey reporting from the wire with no local reporters who know the local politics, charities, social events. They're cutting out anything and everything they can just to minimize overhead.

Only the papers in the big cities, like the LA Times (owned by Tronc), have escaped the massive bloodletting, but have still seen considerable restructuring.

The New Orleans Times-Picayune isn't even printed in Louisiana anymore. It comes out of Mobile, AL. Most of the staff were cut in the Baton Rouge and New Orleans beureaus. The facility that prints the Times-Picayune also prints 2 or 3 other papers in other states. The news articles show up oj the websites first, then selections are pulled from there for the print versions.

Newspaper subscriptions are only a tiny percentage today of what they were 15 years ago. Our local paper has people outiside Wal Mart Neighborhood Market and at the mall frequently trying to drum up subscriptions, and they're literally begging people to subscribe for pennies an issue.

Papers are trying to reinvent themselves for digital comsumers, but even that's not paying the bills. On the other hand, there are outlets like HuffPo that are strictly online, but they keep their overhead low by relying mostly on free contributions rather than paid submissions.

Magazines are facing many of the same challenges with dramatic falls in subscription sales. Newsweek is a prime example, and it died but then returned as a slimmed-down shell of what it used to be. National Geographic laid off all its staff photogs and much of its other staff.

So, I have no idea what you consider "alive and well", but print is barely the former and absolutely not the latter.

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