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LOL, you mean Festen!
That is a great movie!
I was thinking 'the celebration'? Never heard of that one, lol

As one of the first Dogma 95 movies they imposed technical limits on the production:
- no 'artificial' lighting: only available light and lights (they cheated a bit with the candles)
- adding no score: all sounds must come from the set
- no tripods, no dollies, no cranes
(and no credit for the director)

This movie shows that a great story and great acting survive low image quality.
The camera might have been not top of the bill, the framing and edit are really good.

(Using Dogma 95 as a style to shoot is really interesting: as a student I made 1 short that way and it was pretty intense on an emotional level: we had a great cast.)

So, yes, I second your perspective on cameras.
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