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Originally Posted by Jimmy Jib View Post
Putting things in perspective... this really shows you don't need the best camera to make a real film, in fact, the camera they used for this Film is closer to "the worst" ever used as far as I know. The bad news is that you still need a budget EVEN IF you are using the cheapest camera on ebay. $1,300,000 would have been substantial for 1998, not sure if that included marketing and distribution.
I agree with you on the camera - I disagree on budget.

What interests ME is story and characters. And that can be done
with an iPhone and $100,000 (Tangerine). And it can be done
for even less.

Not all ULB movies are interesting but that rarely has anything to
do with budget or what camera was used. I agree that you do need
a budget but that budget doesn't need to be a million or even a
hundred thousand. Here in indietalk we get lots and lots of questions
about the "best" camera; that's an easier question than questions
about making a movie that will hold the interest of movie goers. THAT
is far more difficult. Of course the tech end is important (especially
audio) but far more important is story and characters. All writers believe
they have that great story - very few do.
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