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Originally Posted by Sweetie View Post
Short explanation of what usually happens, you get the original footage, transcode to whatever codec/resolution/quality you need to edit. You then edit the film. When you're ready to export the final version, you relink back to the original media and export at your desired resolution.
Exactly... but about the transpose mistake.. we don't know if she or he is the one that made the mistake. Sounds like both of them are a bit green.... there is noting wrong with that. The most important thing is that you find people that have integrity and can do the job... if the 2 first shorts are good than that gives a good Idea about somebody skills.... a different problem can be time. Does she have the time to work on a Low budget movie? We al have to eat and have a room above our heads. Filmmakers must sometimes delay the low-budget passion to do work that we need to do to make a living.
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