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It's transcode. Now you know what it's actually called, you can google it.

which will then mean we will have to re-edit - with a professional editor at a later date - if we want to get the footage back to 4K.

Is it a matter of finding someone with a hard drive that can handle all that footage in 4k?
No, however, you do need to find an editor who knows what they're doing. An editor who won't bullshit you, either intentionally or through ignorance. It's not a good way to start a working relationship. If they've got something as simple as this wrong, what makes you think you can trust them to do a good job with your film and/or have your best interests in mind.

Short explanation of what usually happens, you get the original footage, transcode to whatever codec/resolution/quality you need to edit. You then edit the film. When you're ready to export the final version, you relink back to the original media and export at your desired resolution.
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