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Editing 4K

Hi everyone,

You'll have to pardon my ignorance regarding some of these technical aspects - I'm trained in the writing/performing side of filmmaking.

Looking at shooting a low budget feature in 4k. I have just been told by my potential editor that they'll need to transpose the footage to make it digestible for the computer system, which will then mean we will have to re-edit - with a professional editor at a later date - if we want to get the footage back to 4K.

Does this sound correct? Would that mean doing one edit at, say, 1080, then another at a later stage (and at much more expense) to get it back to 4k? Surely there's a simpler way, as I've known many micro-budget features that didn't need to edit twice, and made it into some big festivals with subsequent distribution deals.

Is it a matter of finding someone with a hard drive that can handle all that footage in 4k?

Thanks, and any advice will be most appreciated.

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