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Here's a quick view of my process as a one-man-band.

I import the OMF and the video into Pro Tools and check sync.

I watch (usually for the first time) and I make my notes. Then I have discussions with the director. Next I do my cue sheets and contact the composer.

Finally, I get to start being "creative…"

I start with the dialog; this allows me to become more familiar with the characters in a hurry. First I organize the Alt Takes, ADR (if any) and Wilds (if any). Then I do the dialog edit/clean-up and really build the characters. I really work at getting it to "sing" all on it's own with just room tone. Now that I'm into the characters I work on the Foley. I start with building my shoes, cloth and props collection and try a few tests. Now, I'm not a real Foley artist, so I do one character at a time all the way through so I can stay in character - footsteps, cloth props, etc. (There are caveats, of course….) Then I work on Sound Effects. I create everything that I can, then raid my personal library, then go hunting on Sound Dogs, etc.

As I complete sections I pull them into a "master" file/session to insure that everything is working together and make some preliminary mix decisions - what to pre-mix, etc.

Then I drop in the music cues and mix.

Keep that in mind, audio post isn't a chore, it's a chance to be creative.
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