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I'm in London on december 10th

Hi ITers from London (and UK),

this saturday I'll be in London. Our 48 hour film will be screened at Networking for Filmmakers in The Book Store (organised by The Film Bunch). (It starts at 13:30.)
And that sounded like a great excuse for a quick* visit to London together with one of the writers and one actress :-)
Will any of you be there?
They'll be screening 2 shorts and the rest will be networking and such.

You know what: make time and join us!
It's free

It would be cool to meet a few faces from IT.

*) as quick as the ferry to Harwich goes That offers better times than flying. Have to be back on sunday to shoot a video in the afternoon
Our invasion starts at 6:30 in Harwich. So you are warned
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