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I don't necessarily go out to do "crazy" things. Somehow, however, crazy situations have occurred.

As a teenager I spent a couple of summers in the early 1970's as the mate on a charter fishing boat. We hit a sand bar during a vicious, sudden squall and sprung a leak. We got back fine - we were already in the inlet - but the boat was in dry dock for a week. During that week I worked another boat that did off-shore fishing (tuna, swordfish, etc.). The boat had a 40 foot tuna tower which yours truly had to climb. I was in the tower and had just notified the captain that I had sighted sharks. In such situation you obviously move to a different fishing spot. I was climbing down when the boat was hit abeam by a large wave, and I fell into shark infested waters 100 miles off shore. I was fished out of the water within moments (yes, I was wearing my life vest), but I was pretty scared, especially since I was reading "Jaws," which was, at the time, a best-selling novel.

The boat I worked on was MUCH older, but I figured some of you landlubbers needed to see what a tuna tower was. Imagine swaying side-to-side 15 feet or more.
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