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Originally Posted by cheeseandachallenge View Post
The A7s certainly looks impressive for low light shooting - but that, to me, is moot, unless you're shooting no-budget and can't afford lighting (if you can afford a $2500 camera/are shooting anything more than a home video, this shouldn't apply) or are shooting a run and gun type documentary. Perhaps if there were scenes where you couldn't control the lighting (e.g. shooting guerilla on a street without permits at night), then the low-light capabilities would make sense.
I actually think this is a misconception - low light performance absolutely has benefits beyond situations where you can't control the lighting. Greater light sensitivity means you can often achieve the same looks with fewer & smaller lights, which means less necessary support gear, less power draw and heat, and often less crew. That also means you can work faster, be more mobile, work in smaller spaces, etc. All of those aspects directly benefit low-budget production - it's not about not needing to light, it's about being able to light more efficiently, and often being able to make lighting decisions from a creative standpoint first rather than starting from what you need to achieve a minimum exposure.
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