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If you have control over the lighting situation I wouldn't let the low light capabilities sway you. I have a Gh fan (owning the gh3) but I don't know a heap about the two cameras. The A7s certainly looks impressive for low light shooting - but that, to me, is moot, unless you're shooting no-budget and can't afford lighting (if you can afford a $2500 camera/are shooting anything more than a home video, this shouldn't apply) or are shooting a run and gun type documentary. Perhaps if there were scenes where you couldn't control the lighting (e.g. shooting guerilla on a street without permits at night), then the low-light capabilities would make sense.

But from what you've said, it shouldn't really be a factor in what you're doing. I don't have experience with either camera - although I find my Gh3 very easy to use - supposedly the a7s has a complex menu system.

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