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all hard drives are SATA
There's a large difference between SATA1, 2 and 3.

I have many 3.5 SATA3 (I really don't know why they bother with SATA3 for mechanical) mechanical drives. Some drives have a sustained throughput at about 40MB/s where others sit at 120-130MB/s. Failing to do your research may mean getting a slow drive.

You'd have to check but aren't most 2.5 drives 5000 rpm? Generally speaking, they don't get the performance that a 7200 rpm drive will get.

If you have the operating system, software and the media on the same drive, it may be prudent to ensure it will handle it.

Some are solid state. But, they are too small for video editing.
Weren't you looking at a 2tb drive before? I was looking at a 4tb SSD today, more than enough for most editing uses. If that's too small, insanity may make you take a look at Data Center grade SSD's. They're as dear as poison but Seagate released a 60tb SSD version last year... or look for a solution somewhere in the middle.

It's why I say, determine what specs you need to do what you want to do, then make your decision of what hardware to purchase. Buying right the first time will save you money. 40MB/s may be enough, then again, you may find yourself in that unlikely circumstance where you need more than the 500MB/s SSD's push out. The only way you can do that is first determine what you're going to do, then work out what you need to accomplish that.

Odds on, you're only going to need a run of the mill machine, though, you haven't described much about your requirements, so all we can do is point you in the wrong direction.

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